Friday, July 1, 2016

Jacob's Surprise Homecoming Reveal

Jacob came home on Thursday, June 30th. I talked with him many times over the course of the month while he was gone (some phone conversations lasted 90 minutes or more - whoa!), so I knew he was ready to come home after the first week or two. We sent him a care package like we always do full of some of his favorite things. We called him frequently. Sent a lot of texts and words of encouragement. Prayed a ton. And finally, it was time for him to come home.

His flight came in at 6:30pm that night. Scot went to pick him up at the airport, while the kids and I picked up 4 of his best friends (along with pizza + drinks + candy) to surprise Jacob at home. (Connor was home sick with strep + bronchitis, so I tried to keep him in a separate room so he could recover at home too.)

His friends - Josh, Jordin, Daniel and Max - all decided to hide out in the attic as soon as Scot's car pulled into the driveway. (The attic door is accessed thru Jacob's closet, so it was a good, HOT hiding place for sure.)

We told Jake that we were redoing his room while he was gone, so he knew his room would be a surprise. Here he is before his big bedroom + bathroom reveal (and friends surprise too):

In case you can't tell, he was shocked. Like over-the-moon excited about everything. Loved all the new details of his room and bathroom. Loved having his best friends there to celebrate being home. Loved having some freedom. Loved having tons of laughs and fun. It was so good having him home again.

So totally worth it.

The boys ate lots of pizza with soda and chips. They went night swimming at the neighborhood pool until 10pm. They played video games, ate Skittles and watched Back to the Future late into the night.

There were ping pong tournaments. (Even Scot joined in on the fun.)

And plenty of video games.

I fixed deli meat subs and sandwiches for lunch. The boys stayed all day Friday, so it was a full day of fun.

So thankful Jacob is home safe and sound and that we could celebrate such a big moment with him!

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