Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Fourth of July // 2016

Our July 4th was a hot one! We couldn't imagine waking up and spending it any other way than at our neighborhood pool, so that's what we did. It was the perfect pool day.

So glad to have these three back together!

We went home and got dressed in our red, white and blue gear. My favorite part of the 4th!

The kids played with their snap-its. (We also ran to get sparklers and more snap-its for later.)

We fixed homemade subs for lunch, then Scot cooked us amazing hamburgers on the grill for dinner. There was a 90% chance of rain that evening, so we kept watching the weather all day to see if we could make it to our usual spot downtown for fireworks. Unfortunately, we saw the huge forecast of rain headed for downtown so we opted to stay home. That is until we decided at the last minute to head to our city fireworks instead since it would be closer to home if it rained. So, we did that and it was great!

It started raining towards the end, so we just pulled inside the covered area of the post office and watched the finale there. Connor loved it - he kept saying "Geez, Louise" after every huge boom!

As soon as the fireworks show ended + we put our chairs and blankets in the back of the van, the skies opened up and torrential downpours hit us literally the second I closed my van door. Everyone was scrambling to get their belongings together and run to their cars, and we had made it just in time.

We missed our special spot with family and friends at the downtown fireworks (the second year in a row due to rain - boo), but it was neat to do something different and we ended up having such a fun day.

Looking forward to more red, white and blue fun next year - always remembering and thanking God for our country's freedom!

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