Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Connor's Eyes

Right before our Atlanta trip, Connor had a 2-hour eye exam at Vanderbilt Children's Hospital. Back in February, he started having random outward eye movements where each eye alternated rolling to the side. At first, I thought it would just go away. But then, it started getting worse and worse by the day. I called Vanderbilt and they are so busy in their pediatric department that it took almost 3 months to get him in.

I was a big ball of nerves - happy, scared, anxious - the day that we went.

For 2 hours, they did test after test. Dilated his eyes and retested again. I was worried they would recommend glasses or God-forbid surgery, but thankfully, the doctor said Connor's vision is great. He diagnosed his eye condition as intermittent exotropia. Basically, each eye turns outward or away from the nose at times - and it occurs more when he's tired or looking far away in the distance.

He said to put a patch on one eye each day for 3-4 hours, alternating eyes each day, and to come back in 3 months to check his progress. I was so, so relieved it wasn't anything serious!

He loved the cool sunglasses they gave him:

And here he is wearing his new eye patch. Now, he can be a pirate every day!

Connor is the bravest little kid we know. For being our little miracle baby to having pyloric stenosis + acid reflux as a newborn to undergoing two surgeries by 6 months of age to having a severe dairy protein allergy until 12 months of age...and now, just one more little hiccup in his story.

So, so proud of this brave boy - and so grateful I get to be his mom.

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