Monday, July 25, 2016

Brooklyn's New Haircut

Right after our Atlanta trip, Brooklyn decided she wanted to get her hair cut. Her hair is so thick and gorgeous and she's been growing it out for so long that I was very hesitant. But, ultimately, I know she's getting older and I want her to be able to start making those fun decisions. You know, the fun parts about being a girl. :)

We were over at Scot's parent's house one summer day when she mentioned it, and Grammy offered to cut it for her. Next thing you know, Brooklyn's sitting on a stool in her bathroom, grinning and giggling in anticipation of her new "do."

Grammy was nervous, but we all loved the transformation and how it turned out!

And isn't she just the cutest?

Grammy and I both looked at her and it was like meeting my 14-year-old daughter for the first time. Scary! But, so exciting at the same time for I know my baby girl is growing up.

She is a beauty, inside and out. No matter what her hair looks like. But, I have to say, we're all digging the shorter look.

Third grade, here she comes!

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