Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Connor's Swim Lessons

Connor took Level 1 swim lessons at Ms. Sue's this summer, right after Brooklyn's class. Last summer, he screamed at his first swim lesson (bless Ms. Sue and her lifeguards), but we were amazed to see him progress and pass his Pre-K class so quickly last year. And now, here he is in Level 1. He was so excited this year and asked to go to his class every single day. So much better than last time - what a blessing!

Here's Connor's front float:

Back float:

The assessment (front float for 5 seconds/back float for 5 seconds):

Trying out the turtle float:

Another back float:

And opening eyes under water:

This kid did great! We figured he'd need to repeat Level 1 since he's so little, so that wasn't a surprise. But, we were so happy and thrilled with his hardworking attitude and to see how much progress he made in just one week.

Our little swimmers with their certificates and dolphin stamps:

Our Swim Lesson Celebration tradition continued at Dairy Queen after both lessons were over. Something the kids love and look forward to every summer.

Who doesn't love ice cream for dinner??

A fun and memorable way to end the hot week - so proud of these little swimmers!

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