Monday, June 27, 2016

Brooklyn's Swim Lessons

Brooklyn and Connor's swim lessons were scheduled back-to-back again this summer. Brooklyn was in Level 3 at 3:00 and Connor was in Level 1 at 4:00 one week at the end of June. The kids are never thrilled about swim lessons when they first start. But, after a day or two of learning new skills, building confidence in the water and making new friends, they always seem to enjoy it.

Level 3 is a hard level to pass. It took Jacob three summer's to pass it (when his arm muscles were more developed), so we never expected Brooklyn, especially as little as she is, to pass this level on the first try - but, she did! She passed with flying colors, so we were all shocked to see how great she was! She was one wicked mermaid or fish. A total natural.

Here was my typical view all week waiting for lessons to start:

The parents got to come watch on the last day, and it was neat to see all the kids swimming and how much they all learned.

(Brooklyn was excited to have swim lessons with her friend Audrey from school. They probably socialized more than anything - ha!)

Here's Brooklyn on her big assessment to pass:

Brooklyn's sit dive:

Knee dive:

And dolphin kick:

They all did awesome!

So excited these girls could do this class together (even though Audrey didn't show it!)

So proud of our little mermaid. On to bigger and better things in Level 4 next year!

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