Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Jacob's 8th Grade Graduation

Jacob's 8th grade class graduation was the evening of Tuesday, May 24th in the school gym. Nothing quite prepared me for this moment, and I had no idea how emotional the whole night would be for me as a mom. Just to see Jake get all dressed up and join his 63 classmates on the gym floor - knowing they all started school together in kindergarten and have remained so close over the years - it's just mind-blowing to know these kids are all going their separate ways and will be attending different high schools in a couple months.

It was a bittersweet night for all of us parents...crazy how fast time flies.

We invited all of our families, but only a few could come. We also invited Jacob's dad Matt and his wife Kendell and all of Matt's family and Kendell's family too. Several had to cancel at the last minute, but we were thankful for everyone who came to celebrate this big day for Jacob.

The 8th grade graduation decorations in the school lobby:

Each student had their picture taken with their favorite quote. Love what Jake chose:

Time for the ceremony to begin!

The school principal Mr. D had already announced in May that he was retiring, so this was his last graduating class. And he admitted in his speech just how close he had gotten to this class. It was so neat to hear his heart. I was especially proud to hear his words about Jacob. I was crying tears all over the place!

One of the student's with top honors was chosen to give the class speech, and she did a wonderful job too.

There was a long video set to music that some of the PTO moms put together. It included pictures of the kids from kindergarten thru 8th grade. Seriously, not a dry eye in the place.

The kids received their certificates. Yay, for Jacob!!!

Mr. D said his final goodbyes. (Man, we're going to miss him.)

And then it was over.

Here's the 8th grade graduating class - class of 2020 in high school!

Couldn't end without their signature class move (Ha!):

We all got pictures with Jacob afterward, all the family members who could come.

Matt + Kendell with their two kids and Kendell's parents all from Ohio:

The big graduate:

Scot's parents, Mike and Linda:

Matt's grandma "Ma" and Matt's mother Jane from Ohio:

Jacob and Mr. D:
We ended the night with a special meal at La Tavola Italian restaurant, where my sister Tiff and her son Isaac from Ohio surprised us and joined our big table of 13!

It was a fabulous night - one I'll always remember. I couldn't be a prouder mom.

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