Wednesday, May 11, 2016

An Extra Two

At the end of April, my neighbor and friend Christina (who runs her own in-home daycare) introduced me to a friend of hers who needed last-minute childcare for her two young kids, ages 3 and 4. Like calling-Monday-at-6pm-during-soccer-practice kind of last-minute before babysitting them the next morning at 6am. Yeah, it's been crazy and busy and fun, but most of all just busy as I have an extra two with us every Tuesday and Thursday through the month of May. And, occasionally, we have Christina's 4-year-old daughter Natalie with us too!

Connor's happy to have some extra playmates during the week, and they've all become little buddies. Plus, a little extra money isn't too bad either.

So, if you see a crazy mom running around Target or the mall with three little ducklings (or more) + two older kids after school having conversations like -

Let's make sure we're all sharing and taking turns.
Running and jumping off the couch onto your sister isn't a good idea.
No potty talk in public. And yes, that means no words like wieners or butts.
We don't drink liquid soap because it's bad for us.
No, we can't open the car doors while we're driving.
We don't throw food.
You'll have to hold it until our next stop!

Chances are it's me. And I'd love for you to stop and say hello.

Hopefully, I've remembered to brush my teeth. :)

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