Monday, April 4, 2016

Spring Break // 2016

The kids were so excited when spring break actually got here, since they knew they'd get 10 full days off from school. Last week was a week packed full of fun!

Monday was our day at the Nashville Zoo with Aunt Jenn and cousins. We got there at 10am, ate our packed lunches and just enjoyed the crisp, cool day with all the animals.

Tuesday was the day we picked up Brooklyn's friend Elsa, and we headed to the Adventure Science Center for the day. Elsa is an only child, and she is the sweetest girl. She insisted on helping with Connor all day, so she pushed the stroller, followed him around...she played the big sister role so well. We even went to see a stars show in the planetarium, and the kids loved that!

Loved spending the day with these three:

Brooklyn surprised me by saying she wanted to do the moon walk for the first time (she was finally tall enough), so that was a big highlight of the day:

She said it was so much fun.

Jake was at his friend Josh's all day Monday and Tuesday to celebrate Josh's birthday, so he enjoyed some fun of his own the first part of the week.

On Wednesday, we went to the indoor pool at Patterson Park. It's only $2 per kid and it's plenty of fun for a couple hours.

We hit up DQ on the way home for blizzards:

Thursday was a lazy, rainy day at home. Perfect for having neighbor friends over - and a movie marathon kind of day!

These two are hilarious together:

A rousing game of Skip-Bo was also played between me and Jake:

Friday involved dropping off the younger kids at Aunt Jenn's for a sleepover with cousins, while Jake and I picked up his friend Jordin for a sleepover at our house. I fixed the boys frozen pizza with cheese bread and cookies for dessert, while Scot and I left to eat dinner at a nice restaurant for date night. We hit up Kroger on the way home, and it was so good to get out!

Perfect way to end our fun-filled spring break.

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