Friday, March 25, 2016

Weekend Getaway

Last weekend was our fun little getaway at the Opryland Hotel! Scot's company always does their annual employee-of-the-year event there one weekend every March, so it's an honor for Scot to help work the event and attend some of the excursions during our stay.

This year, his company provided a room for the kids on Friday night (so adults and employees could attend the banquet dinner without any worries) - complete with plenty of childcare workers, pizza, snacks, drinks + toys. So...Scot went to the hotel to start working on Thursday, and the kids and I came on Friday afternoon.

We checked out the view from our hotel room on the 5th floor of the Cascades, and the kids couldn't contain their excitement.

Before long, it was time to shower and get dressed for the big night. (Thank you, Dillard's, for my $30 Calvin Klein clearance dress.)

We dropped off our three kiddos in the kids room.

Then, Scot and I headed to the cocktail party starting at 5pm to meet some folks - followed by the awards banquet dinner + entertainment show. Such a fun date night!

The next morning - Scot and Jake woke up super early to catch the shuttle for the Belle Meade Plantation excursion, while the little kids and I enjoyed a much slower morning.

Cartoons + room service + breakfast in bed = a great way to start the day!

Next, we packed up the stroller and walked the long trek to the Opry Mills outlet mall next door. (The shuttle wasn't working that morning, so we enjoyed a nice walk instead.)

We shopped, bought a couple early Easter gifts for the kids and hit up the play area before walking back.

We met up with the guys for a good hearty lunch.

The goofy faces are just natural around here. :)

Scot took a little nap, so the kids and I walked down to the pool for the afternoon. They loved it!

Scot traded places with me halfway through, so Connor and I went up to the room and took naps too. It was such a relaxing day.

We all cleaned up and had pizza + cheese bread for dinner. And frozen yogurt for dessert. Yum!

While watching the fountain show at night. The kids favorite!

We finished out the night by sneaking on the last boat ride right before closing time.

The funny faces were out big time.

And we got another look at the fountains on the way to our room.

Sunday morning was the big breakfast buffet. It was early, so I didn't take pics. But, they had everything you could ever want at breakfast. Sausage, eggs, bacon, biscuits, waffles, chocolate croissants, cinnamon ice cream...the list was endless. We ate and ate until we couldn't eat any more. It was delish!

We toured around a little more before we packed up to get ready to leave...

And that was our 2016 Weekend Getaway at Opryland! Thanks to everyone at CHS for making the weekend so special year after year. We're so grateful to be a part of it.

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