Thursday, March 24, 2016

Brooklyn's Famous Person Project

Beloved Woman of the Cherokee Nanyehi enlarge

Yesterday was the day Brooklyn's 2nd grade class project was due. They were all assigned a famous person to research and Brooklyn was given the famous Cherokee Indian woman named Nancy Ward or "War Woman." It was during the battle with the Muskogee Creek Indians where her husband Kingfisher was slain, and she took up his rifle and rallied the Cherokee Indians to victory. She was one tough woman.

Mrs. M had the students gather their research using two different sources, write a rough draft + final copy - at least one page in length, dress up in character + present their report to the class. Along with answering questions about their person during a Q + A session with the class at the end.

All the kids did an awesome job, but I loved seeing how brave Brooklyn was and how much information she remembered about her person. She even remembered reading how Nancy chewed the lead bullets with her teeth to make them sharper and more deadly to her opponents. The class loved that - ha!

She was so nervous, but she really did a great job.

I brought Connor with me - who is super loud + goofy + loves being the center of attention, and he enjoyed it too. (And was quiet enough not to cause any trouble.) He made sure to give his big sister lots of hugs + funny faces before we left. And to say hi to all her friends. :)

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