Monday, February 22, 2016

Birthdays, Baptisms, ER Visits, Snow Days + Happy Endings

So, I have to play catch-up a lot these days. This month has just flown on by, and I feel like I haven't had even a moment to catch my breath or sit down to reflect on anything.

On February 4th, my grandma Mums celebrated her 85th birthday in the nursing home in Ohio. My parents went to visit with her all day and celebrate her birthday with her, and it was a sweet, sweet time. Just looking at the pictures my mom sent made me see how joyful + alive her spirit still was - even while suffering from the dementia and Alzheimer's that took over her earthly body and feeling the effects of her liver shutting down.

On Sunday the 7th, we went to LifePoint Church to witness our twin nieces Giselle + Bella get baptized. It was such a neat thing to experience and be a part of.


Later that night, I got the phone call from my step-dad that our sweet Mums had passed away in her sleep. It was a shock in a way - she was my last living grandparent - but, we all knew this time was coming soon. I'm just so grateful the kids and I got to spend that precious time with her when we visited at Christmastime. It was a day full of happy endings + new life in more ways than one. And I know Mums is celebrating in heaven with Jesus BIG time!

The next day, February 8th, was our big trip to the ER. Around 2:00pm, we drove to pick up the kids from school like usual and Connor started crying and saying his belly was hurting really bad. From that point on, he screamed and screamed constantly and wouldn't stop crying. I knew something wasn't right. Once Scot got home from work at 6:00 to stay with the big kids, I drove Connor to the closest ER as fast as I could (and as safely as possible since it had started snowing + sleeting). I checked him in and waited in agony for our turn, while Connor screamed, "I can't take the pain. My stomach hurts SO BAD!!!" After 20 agonizing minutes of trying to calm Connor down and looking at people staring at us, they finally took us into triage where Connor projectile vomited several times. They got us into a room and put in an IV for fluids + Zofran. Took blood tests + checked his white blood cell count. Got X-rays. They did it all. Thankfully, the doctor confirmed it was just a really bad stomach bug and we were discharged 4 hours later. I couldn't have been happier.

Funny things to remember about our emergency hospital visit:

- Connor loved being in the triage room at the ER.
- He loved the attention from all the nurses and didn't even cry when they put in the IV.
- When the nurse came in to take him for X-rays, she told Connor he could sit in the really cool red wheelchair (which she was hoping for) or she could wheel him in the hospital bed. Connor replied, "I need to lay down and rest in bed because I'm so tired." All while watching a Blaze show on my phone. The nurse yelled out to the nurses station, "Ladies, this boy needs to lay down and rest. I think we have a little diva on our hands!" They thought he was hilarious.
- Connor told one of the nurses, "I love this hospital bed. I wish I had a nice, comfy bed like this at home." The nurses just laughed and laughed.
- It was actually a really fun visit, despite all the pain Connor was in.

So thankful it wasn't anything serious.

The next two days were snow days here in TN. Schools were closed, but the roads weren't that bad for us.

And then, on Thursday, we packed our bags and headed to Ohio to be with family for Mums' "Celebration of Life" service over the long weekend. It was an incredibly busy + crazy week - especially with me being sick with a bad cold and just trying to survive. But, we all made it. Thank the Lord.

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