Thursday, January 14, 2016


For years, our dentist has told us that Jacob needs braces at some point. Not only do his teeth need straightened, but his palate doesn't have enough room for all his teeth to fit correctly - especially when his wisdom teeth come in one day. They told us it was definitely time at his last dentist's appointment, so Monday was the big day!

(Originally, we just thought he was getting his expander put in and braces put on in the summer, but the ortho decided it was best to do it altogether. Thankfully, our dentist's office also does orthodontics, so it's super nice + convenient to have everything done in one place - they even care for adults too.)

The first part of the process was actually done last week. On Thursday, he had 6 spacers placed in-between his teeth (3 on bottom, 3 on top) to wear all weekend long to prep his mouth for braces. The second part - the main part - was done on Monday morning.

Here he is before all the fun began:

The whole process took about 2 hours. Thankfully, Papa stayed home with Connor and Brooklyn was at school, so I was left to sit there the entire time alone with peace + quiet. Sad that I got this excited about waiting at the dentist's, but it was wonderful.

The finished metal-mouthed look:

(Or, "railroad" as his friends call him.)

This guy was a trooper - he did great!

He has a metal expander installed on the upper roof of his mouth, along with his braces. This will expand his palate and create more room. We have to turn the key in his expander every night for 2-3 weeks (yuck), and then he'll keep the expander in for about a year. The braces stay on for at least 2 years. The biggest part is just keeping them clean - brushing them 3 times a day, flossing daily. (Which is a nightmare for teenage boys, ha!)

So far, Jake's doing really well with everything. He's eating more softer foods this week + taking Tylenol when needed, but each day is getting better and better.

New glasses, new braces...this kid's growing up way too fast!

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