Thursday, December 17, 2015

Deck the Halls // 2015

Well, we're just a week away from Christmas and I realized I never shared anything about our family decorating for Christmas, baking goodies, reading our Advent book or favorite Christmas books...or, really any of that fun holiday stuff.

This year has been different in a lot of ways. We moved to our new house back in August, so the last few months have been full of unpacking + putting things away, reorganizing + giving things a new home, house projects, keeping the kids on top of their school schedule + routine, attending school events, getting involved at church (plus, knowing Brooklyn + Connor's birthdays were sandwiched a week apart right after Thanksgiving)...with all that going on, I knew the holidays would creep on us really quickly. (And they did.) Because of this, I told Scot we should join the "crazy Christmas people club" and start decorating the first week of November. He thought it was a great idea, so that's what we did! (In fact - it worked so well, I think we'll be doing it every year from now on.)

I set up our Christmas tree slowly and really took my time setting it up and stringing it with new lights. No rush, no pressure with it being so early - it was wonderful! It gave me time to go through our decorations and ornaments we've collected over 10 years and think through what items we really wanted to keep and use in our new house for years to come. I also realized we didn't have that many decorations to begin with (everything was mostly hand-me-downs), but this was the first time Scot and I could really start buying things + decorating our new house together with holiday decorations that fit our more rustic style - and that was exciting!

We kept this year - our first Christmas in our new home - very simple. Decorating for the holidays takes money, and with recently moving, that just wasn't a priority. But, we have all kinds of hopes + dreams of what we'd like to do next year and the year after that, and so on. It will be so fun to decorate + create, making this house a home. A warm, cozy place for all of us to enjoy as a family at Christmastime year after year after year.

Even so, our first Christmas here will always be special...I give you Deck the Halls 2015.

(p.s. Can't wait to turn that fireplace on!)

All ready to snuggle in + enjoy those chilly holiday nights together.

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