Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Connor's 4th Birthday Party

Connor's 4th birthday party was on Sunday afternoon, and we celebrated the day with family and a few friends - Paw Patrol style! (On Friday night, Connor and I shopped for his party decorations and the only thing he wanted was Paw Patrol plates, Paw Patrol napkins, Paw Patrol cups...anything with his Nick Jr. Paw Patrol friends on it, and he was good.)

So, here's the Paw Patrol birthday table:

We bought plates, napkins, cups, Paw Patrol masks, and the kids got goody bags + candy bracelets to take home.

The one person he really wanted to have at the party was his 4-year-old neighbor friend Natalie. She and her sister Allison came early to stay a couple hours, and Connor was ecstatic. They all had plenty of time to play.

Just look at these two cuties together:

(Natalie said this was her serious look. Ha!)

The food table:

Slush punch | Vanilla cupcakes | Rainbow sherbert (not shown) | Popcorn | Cheetos Puffs | Doritos | Chocolate chip cookies | Fruit snacks

The cupcakes were from Walmart - Connor wanted vanilla cupcakes with buttercream frosting + sprinkles.

Yummy kid-party food!

Once everyone got there around 3pm, we sang to the birthday boy. Grammy + Papa were there, Kris + Jenn and our neighbor Christina came over too.

They loaded their plates + ate.

Our furry + wild Paw Patrol crew:

Next, it was time to open gifts.

The fart piano from Kris + Jenn and the remote control car from us seemed to be his favorite.

The best part was at the end. I had Connor cover his eyes, while Scot set up the final gift from us. 

We got him a "new" bike from Craigslist that was hardly used - exactly what Connor had been asking for. Scot set it up in front of him, and we told him to open his eyes. He looked right at it, then turned around behind him - totally missing it at first. Then, he turned back around and discovered his big gift right there in front of him. A new bike with lights + sounds! (So funny, wish I had captured that on video.)

I think he was in shock!

Scot ended the evening by taking Connor out on his new bike for a spin.

For this kid, it was a pretty darn good day.

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