Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Connor // Four

Monday was Connor's actual birthday. The day he officially turned 4! The whole week before his birthday, Connor kept telling us -

"I'm going to be so big when I turn 4 that I'm not going to fit in my twin bed anymore and you'll have to buy me a new bed!"

"I'm going to be so big when I turn 4 that you won't be able to carry me anymore."

"I'm going to be so big when I turn 4 that you won't be able to give me hugs and kisses anymore."

I think he was a little surprised when he woke up that morning as a new 4-year-old boy and saw that not much had changed, but he was excited to start his special day nonetheless!

After Scot and the big kids were sent off to work + school, Connor and I had our own little birthday celebration at home. A cupcake for breakfast? Sure, you only turn 4 once! (Plus, his early-morning face dive was just hilarious.)

He spent a lot of time trying on his new clothes from Grammy + Papa.

And playing around with his new remote control car.

Which always causes a little frustration at times too...

We picked up the big kids from school that day like normal, except that part of our interstate was shut down all afternoon because of a big wreck. I barely made it to school on time because of all the traffic and cars being re-routed other directions. We hit the allergist after school and ran a bunch of errands that needed to be done.

One of those was stopping at McD's for Connor's special birthday treat - a vanilla milkshake. His favorite and all he really asked for on his birthday.

We hit loads of traffic on the way home (since the interstate was still closed), started on the back roads home only to hit another big wreck with stand-still traffic there. All in all, it took us over an hour and a half to get home, but we made it! Just in time for late baths + showers and Connor's requested meal of chicken tenders + fries. :)

He opened his birthday cards after the meal (with a little help):

And got more hugs + snuggles before bed (and before Jake + tired mom ran back out to buy a dress shirt for Jake to wear at his band concert the following night):

Can't believe this big boy is 4! Here's the top 4 things we love about Connor:

1. Connor has the funniest spirit. He giggles, he laughs, he tells jokes, (he farts), he says and does the funniest things all to make people smile. He's the funny part of our family, and we all love him for it! (Most of the time.)

2. Connor is one active kid. He wakes up early ready to play with his cars + trucks and ready to face the day. He is already dying to go to preschool and says he'll ride his bike to and from preschool by himself when it's time to go. (And he tells me I can't cry either!) But, he sure knows how to relax and cool down at night by sucking his thumb, carrying his orange blanky and telling his mama that he "needs some lovins." I love that!

3. Connor loves being the youngest and having all eyes on him, but he's still learning that the world doesn't revolve around him - and that's a good thing!

4. Connor is the best little prayer warrior already. He's the first to pray over our dinner meal each night and the first to say prayers before bed. He just has this awesome confident spirit and does what he feels led to do!

Happy Big-4, buddy! We all love and appreciate you so much. You've been a miracle boy right from the beginning, and I know God's going to do great things in your life. You are so loved!

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