Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Cianci Family Christmas

We celebrated the Cianci family Christmas a couple weeks early this year since the month of December is so busy and full. Grammy + Papa really outdid themselves with all the fun things they had planned.

First up was picking up Jake + Brooklyn from school last Wednesday to go Christmas shopping + buy gifts for their cousins. (Grammy + Papa started a new tradition where the 6 cousins draw names, and they give them all $20 to buy a gift for that person. They all love it.) Then, Grammy picked up the girls (Brooklyn, Giselle + Bella) on Friday afternoon to go to a fun holiday ice skating show on Friday night.

All the boys were dropped off at Grammy + Papa's house to join the girls on Saturday morning, and they enjoyed a full day of putting up Christmas decorations, shopping for $10 stocking stuffers, decorating a birthday cake for Jesus, watching movies, creating stories together, and whatever else until us adults got there around dinnertime.

(Meanwhile, Scot and I got to enjoy a lunch out by ourselves, which was amazing - and we finished up the rest of our Christmas shopping child-free. So wonderful!)

We came back around 5pm and had a make-your-own pizza night with garlic cheese bread + black bean dip + tons of Christmas goodies. We prayed, the kids read their stories, the girls played some music, and we opened gifts. It was good. :)

(My pictures, on the other hand, need a little work. Ha!)

We ended the night with this crazy crew on the back porch giving hugs + saying goodbyes to everyone, tired + a little cranky but full as ever!

So thankful for family.

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