Monday, December 7, 2015

Bama Weekend

This weekend was busy and lots of fun! Scot's dad got 4 tickets to the SEC championship Alabama vs. Florida game in Atlanta on Saturday and invited Scot and the big kids to go. So, all four of them left around 4pm on Friday to head to Atlanta and stay in a hotel for the night.

On Saturday morning, they went to the Coca Cola museum and tasted all kinds of neat sodas and drinks. (Jake's favorite.) Then, they took the Marta and walked the long trek to the stadium and enjoyed all the game festivities that afternoon. (Scot was surprised, but Brooklyn kept up the whole time and didn't complain one bit from all the walking.)

This was Brooklyn's first football game she's ever attended, and this girl loved it! I'm sure she'll always have fond memories of sharing the love of football with her dad. Love that.

In the meantime, Connor and I kept busy. Friday night was spent getting groceries + party supplies for his birthday party on Sunday at Kroger and Walmart, which involved one thing and one thing only in Connor's mind - car carts. This kid was one happy boy!

We fixed pizza and stayed up late watching the Home movie.

The next morning, we slept in and had a lazy breakfast. I had plans to take Connor to the Discovery Center, go out for lunch and meet up with my old college roommate Amy who was in town for her sister's wedding. We headed to the Discovery Center as planned, but once we got there, I discovered a piece of my bumper had fallen off and had been dragging on the ground + making an awful sound the whole way there. (Ugh. I don't know why, but something weird always happens when Scot is out of town.)

While Connor was playing, I was making phone calls to the car shops nearby to see about getting it fixed, but all the shops were either closed on Saturdays or busy. I finally found one that could look at it, but they closed within the next 45 minutes. So...Connor and I booked it to the car shop without any lunch, and thankfully, they had time to look at it. (The connecting end pieces apparently were broken, so they ended up removing the whole piece altogether. Sigh.)

By this time, Connor and I were starving, so I let him pick a place for a late lunch. He chose Cici's Pizza, one of his favorites. And let me tell you - this kid can eat! He loves his pepperoni pizza. :)

With my car repair, we missed the chance to meet up with my friend Amy near Opryland before they headed out for the afternoon, but she sent me a picture of her and her sister at the wedding. Aren't they adorable?

(Sorry we missed you, Amy. Hope to see you next time!)

After lunch, we spent the rest of the day back at the Discovery Center where they had free admission for their Holiday Open House. Connor was so excited, he kept saying, "This is the best day ever!!" Perfect way to celebrate his upcoming birthday. :)

(God was really with us that afternoon - I got to talk with the mom of this sweet girl, and it was neat to find out her church pastor lives right down the street. She shared all the challenges and hard stuff she faces every day while taking care of her husband with ALS, and it broke my heart to hear her story and how strong she has to be for her daughter. Made me realize how blessed we all are, and we don't even know it.)

Car trouble or not, Connor and I had the best day! So thankful for time with this precious boy. And I'm grateful the guys + Brooklyn had a great time at the game and got home safe and sound around midnight.


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