Monday, October 12, 2015

Family Vacation // Ft. Walton Beach, FL

On the Friday before fall break, our family set off for Ft. Walton Beach, FL for a 5-day vacation. We stayed with Scot's second cousin Taylor, who had two guest rooms available at her house. Since we spent a good deal of time moving this summer and renovating our house the previous year, we were more than ready to get away for awhile - and the kids were too!

Here's the highlights from our trip:

The Saturn 1B Rocket rest stop near Elkmont, AL.

Always a must. We have to stop here every time we come through.

Ft. Walton Beach.

It was pretty chilly during our stay - low 70's and windy, but the kids didn't seem to mind at all. A perfect day for sight-seeing, relaxing and searching for sea shells. Grammy + Papa were there, so they came with us too.

Destin Beach.

We spent another day at the beach in Destin with Scot's cousin Lavonne + her hubby Frank, Grammy + Papa, and Kris + Jenn and their crew. Lavonne took Jake out on the wave runner for awhile, and they had a blast! Everyone else searched for hermit crabs and sea shells before heading to swim in the outdoor pool at Lavonne + Frank's hotel. It was a fun day.

Shopping for souvenirs/playing around.

Scot and Jake went boating with his Uncle Charles + Aunt Bonnie one afternoon, while the little kids and I went souvenir shopping and played around at the play area.

Nice dinner at one of our favorites - the Back Porch Restaurant in Destin.

Hands-down, our favorite meal every time we come to visit.

Cianci Family Reunion. (Separate post to come.)

New car battery.

The morning after the family reunion, we got ready to leave for the day and our van wouldn't start. We had just replaced the fuse box and fixed the coolant leak right before our trip, so we were worried it was something major. But, thankfully, all it needed was a new battery. While Scot and his dad left to pick one up, Connor played around with Taylor + Chris' dune buggy and all was right with the world!

Family bowling night.

Everyone in Scot's extended family went bowling one night, and we had so much fun!

Checking out the alligators at Fudpucker's.

We always go to visit the gators here when we're in Florida. Connor was so excited, he probably asked us a billion times when we were going to see the gators that week, and this day, we could finally say yes!

Air Force Armament Museum.

Brooklyn doesn't look happy here, but all of our kids enjoy air force museums or anything military-related, really. Brooklyn and dad love history so they kept busy reading every sign, while the boys and I checked out all the big stuff. (And I tried to keep Connor from climbing on everything...you know, real life with boys.) :)

Ice cream at our favorite stop in Clanton, AL - Durbin Farms.

The best ice cream ever!!

And that was our fun family vacation! A nice, little getaway for this family of five. So, so thankful.

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