Monday, October 19, 2015

Family Trip // Walden Pumpkin Farm

Saturday was our big family trip to Walden Pumpkin Farm - something we look forward to and do every fall. Jake was away at his dad's for the weekend, so he missed out. But, we had our twin nieces and nephew for the afternoon and they had never been to a pumpkin farm with kids activities before, so it was the perfect day to go. All the kids had a blast!

Happy fall with these Cianci kids:

Our little family this fall (missed you, Jake!):

We hit the hay maze first.

Then, we checked out all the animals.

(Love Bella's stinky face. Ha!)

Love these two - especially Brooklyn in her new cowboy boots!

The tunnel slides are the best:

Our kids always love the Creepy Corner haunted house in the kids area, but this was the cousins' first time so they were pretty freaked. I held Giselle's hand as we went through the first time, but after that, the kids were going in it over and over again by themselves and telling us how much fun it was. I think it was their favorite!

Me and my hot man:

The corn maze (x2 or 3 or 4):

Loved this view in the sunflower field:

The kids had fun in the outhouse:

Our annual height pictures:

The last place we always hit on our way out is the hayride. Everyone's favorite, even the cousins agreed. There are things for the kids to look out for all along the way - like witch's, scarecrows, ghosts and bats - but, we lost count after 20.

We left the pumpkin farm, all dirty and dusty, and headed to McD's on a whim. We let the kids order ice cream + fries and play in the play area before heading home.

And then this five-man crew finished out the day with a music-crankin' dance party in the van:

A fun end to one of our all-time favorite family trips every fall.

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