Monday, October 26, 2015

Family Pumpkin Carving

Sunday afternoon was family pumpkin carving time! Scot, Jake and I cut off all the tops and cleaned the pumpkins out. Jake loved it and didn't mind one bit. Brooklyn and Connor, on the other hand, took one look at the pumpkin guts and said, "Ew, that is so disgusting!" So, they entertained themselves and kept watch until the carving began. :)

We separated all the pumpkin seeds and put them in a bowl to roast + eat. Then, we traced and cut out the designs - Scot designed and created Connor's as he went along. Singing "Staying Alive" + other great 70-80's songs (which the kids call the Olden Days - ha!), while laughing and cutting with small knives. (Great combo, right?)

Connor and his Mini-Me pumpkin (he's always sticking his tongue out):

Jake and his Spooky Jack:

Brooklyn and her Spooky Kitty (just like her, this girl loves cats):

It was a fun, messy day that we all enjoyed. And, let's just say - our front porch now looks spookified. We're all ready for Halloween!  

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