Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Cianci Family Reunion // Ft. Walton Beach, FL

The Sunday during our Florida trip was the big reunion day with Scot's family. Really, it was all of his dad's siblings (minus one who couldn't come), and their spouses and kids. It was quite the crew!

Scot's Aunt Linda + Uncle Mike hosted the reunion at their new home, and it was beautiful. Smoked pork and chicken + butt-loads of sides and desserts + plenty of outdoor activities = a good day.

We even celebrated cousin Lavonne's birthday that day with the birthday song + cupcakes:

Here's the Cianci family - all 31 of us (minus Mike's brother + wife in CA):

Uncle Charles + Aunt Bonnie and their family:

Cousin Tommy + Kate and their family:

Mike + Linda's family (there we are!):

Uncle Mike + Aunt Linda's family:

Cousin Saandra + her daughter Taylor:

Cousin Lavonne + Frank from CA:

Linda + her sister Janie:

Uncle Ken + Aunt Janie (Linda's sister + hubby live there, so they joined us too!):

These pics of me and Scot would make Janie proud:

Our little family:

The kids were in heaven in that backyard!

 Exploring the boat dock:

And then the fishing began.

Cousin Kristy and her fiancé Tim baited all the fish hooks and let the kids fish for awhile. It was most of the kids' first time fishing, and they loved it!

Giselle's first fish:

Connor threw bread crumbs (more like bread chunks or whole slices) to the fish like it was his job.

Exploring Uncle Mike's boat:

Bella's first fish:

Jake kept trying + trying and got a little frustrated. For an active soccer kid that does everything fast + and wants quick results, fishing was a struggle for him.

But, he finally caught one:

Brooklyn's first fish:

They were both so proud!
We ended the night with more food + the kids snuggling with Lavonne before it was time to head back to Taylor's for the night.

It was a great day spent with family.

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