Wednesday, September 30, 2015

This Girl

This girl.

(Trying on her new witch's costume early for Halloween.)

We're hitting such a sweet spot with Brooklyn. A couple months shy of her 8th birthday, she has adjusted to having her own space at home and is a complete joy to have around. I love and appreciate her so much!

She loves to color and create - making all kinds of homemade books and art creations at the desk in her room. She loves to read and excel in school. She loves to tell jokes and laugh. She has the sweetest, kindest, most sensitive heart. She made a homemade "get-well" card with chocolate candy for her sick teacher. She invited a lonely girl to play with her on the playground. She gave one of her fans to a friend at church. She sent a "sorry for your loss" card to Jake's friend who lost his dog. She hugs and loves on her brothers fiercely. Even giving extreme patience to Connor when he shoves her and interrupts her when she's talking and yells at her in her face. (Still working on that one...) Writing "I-love-you-do-you-love-me" notes to Jake and leaving them on the kitchen counter. Giving dad backrubs after dinner. Helping out whenever she's needed, telling me I'm the "best mom ever" even when it's not deserved.

She is so loving, so caring, so kind. I'm really grateful God gave me a special daughter like her.

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