Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Ram Run

The kids annual Ram Run fundraiser was held at school last Friday. It was a crazy morning since our van was in the shop (getting a coolant leak repaired and a new fuse box), so we all piled into Scot's car at 6:45am to drop the kids off at school, take Scot to work and come back to school when it was time for Ram Run to start.

First, we watched Brooklyn and the whole 2nd grade run in their morning time slot:

Two laps in (right after this picture) and she was in tears from a bee sting (thankfully, just a sweat bee). We went to the nurse to get an ice pack and witnessed a poor kid barfing on the floor next to us before we finally made it back. Just in time for snack time at the concession stand too! :)

Next, we checked out Jake and the 8th grade class playing kick ball in a huge 4-hour kick ball tournament. (My phone died at this point, so this is all I got.)

All the 8th graders were covered head to toe in red dust from playing on the baseball fields - even Jake's glasses. Can't believe this was their last Ram Run ever.

So glad these kids had an awesome day raising some money and having fun with friends. It was a memorable and fun day like always!

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