Thursday, September 10, 2015

Our New Home // One Month In

It's been a whirlwind of a month! Can't believe that we've lived here for that long. In some ways, it seems like we just moved in yesterday, and other days it feels like our family's lived here forever.

The best way to describe the first month in our new house is waking up with grateful hearts, thanking God for this beautiful gift every day, feeling comfort like never before...truly knowing and understanding He's faithful all the time. We've grown closer together as a family, living each day to the fullest.

We have loved living in our new home. We love our new life here.

So, I thought I would share what our home + life looks like these days. We still have rooms to paint and decorate, furniture + rugs to buy, things to put away...but, this is what I want to remember. Our imperfect house in real life - one month in.

Welcome to our new home!

The first room to the left is Brooklyn's room, which I have to say, is my favorite room of the house. For a girl who's had to share a room with her "smelly" brother for years, we wanted to celebrate Brooklyn and give her the girly room she's always dreamed of. So, so grateful we could pull this off for her! (More details on her room to come.)

The kids' bathroom comes next, in-between Brooklyn and Connor's room:
Connor's bedroom (which he loves):

Next up...

The living room:


Dining room:

Around the corner from there is our cozy kitchen with eat-in nook (still messy from our recent football party):

Down the hall on the left is the master bedroom:

Up the stairs is the bonus room/family room:

Scot's ebay work area (plan to rework this a year down the line):
Step up into Jake's big room - with private bath + walk-in closet (this kid's got it made):

Head back downstairs:

To the laundry room:
And out the garage (a can't-pull-your-car-in-still-work-in-progress kind of room):
We've visited the neighborhood pool:

The playground + golf course nearby:

The tennis courts (our sweet neighbor coaches free tennis clinics for the neighborhood kids):

And enjoyed many a night and mornings out on our back porch:

We love, love this new place God has placed us in. A perfect fit for our family to grow and live in for a very long time - we hope and pray!

This would have never been possible without the love and support from our family and friends, so this home is full of love and gratitude. And full of YOU!

You are a good, good Father
You are perfect in all of Your ways to us...

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