Tuesday, September 22, 2015

First Night with Cousins

Our first night with cousins at our new house was last Friday. Jenn dropped the kids off late afternoon, and we prepped everyone for an evening at the pool. No snack? Late dinner? Who cares. We had a blast.

We skipped showers and made homemade pizzas + garlic cheese bread for a late dinner. Watching the movie Home before everyone konked out in their sleeping bags.

The next morning, we had scrambled eggs + bacon, lemon bread + strawberries for breakfast. Took turns for a little Minecraft, while having a Taylor Swift dance party in the living room. :)

Then, we headed to the playground to play - and Brooklyn lost another tooth!

Here's to a fun dino nugget kind of lunch with popsicles. And another fun afternoon at the pool before heading home. (It was too hot for the pumpkin farm like we originally planned.)

Such a fun weekend with cousins!

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