Sunday, August 16, 2015

Jacob's 13th Birthday Party

Jacob's 13th birthday celebration crept up on him, and he didn't even know it. His birthday is officially tomorrow, but with school starting and his visit to his dad's this past weekend, we decided it was best to do something the week before. So, 6 days after moving and right after we registered the kids at school on Friday morning - we surprised Jake with the idea that he had "visitors" coming home with us. His friend Jordin spent the night with us on Thursday and was able to spend Friday with us and the rest of the boys.

Here's Jake and Jordin on Thursday - eating dinner, going night swimming at the neighborhood pool, staying up late playing video games:

Little did Jake know this was all part of his birthday celebration...

On Friday, Scot took the day off and went with me and the kids to school registration at 8am. After meeting the kids' teachers and delivering all their supplies, we picked up our "visitors" + all their stuff and had a packed van. (Scot drove separately to have room for Connor and Brooklyn.)

Ever see six 13-year-olds crammed into one minivan?? One party bus here - ha!

We stopped and got Subway for lunch on the way home, and the boys had a little free time for video games. Then, we surprised everyone by taking them to Nashville Shores water park for the rest of the day! Jake's favorite place on earth. :)

Here's Max, Josh, Michael, Daniel, Jordin and Jake:

The boys went off on their own, Scot went around with Brooklyn, and I stayed in the kids area with Connor...where he eventually collapsed on a chair and fell asleep.

Mom's hour-long moment of peace. :)

Scot took the kids with him and headed home, dropping Jordin off on the way. I took the boys with me, stopping to get candy + soda, pizza and DQ ice cream cake. Any teenager's dream - hey, you only turn 13 once!

The boys devoured their "goods" and hung out in the bonus room the rest of the night. Playing video games, watching movies, staying up late telling jokes...according to Jake - it was "Totally epic. The best day ever."
This would have never been possible in our old house, so we're thankful for the space to entertain and celebrate birthdays with friends. Making memories that I know the kids will always remember.
Jake's 13th was definitely a special one. I'm not ready for all this, yet...but teenage years, here we come!

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