Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Jacob // Thirteen

Yesterday my first-born became a teenager. Thirteen years old.

Only 5 more years before he officially reaches adulthood. Yikes!

You'd think I'd feel more prepared or be full of wisdom with this whole parenting gig, but I don't. Just tonight, our new teenager blew up from all the work + stress + exhaustion he's facing in 8th grade so far (our big move, his birthday party with friends + his visit to his dad's definitely hasn't helped) - on top of some other behavior issues from our other two...and it turned out to be quite the night.

Jake's finding out - this last year before high school is no joke. His days of playing + messing around or having lots of free time during the week are mostly gone. He's learning to hunker down and do homework each night, ask questions if he doesn't understand, stay organized + on top of things, prioritize what's due + when, eat well + get plenty of rest...all those vital things you need for those challenging high school years ahead.

Today may not have been one of our better days, but Jacob's 13th birthday was yesterday. And it was a really great day - a great day to remember!

I woke up at 5am to fix Jacob's special birthday breakfast - cinnamon streusel muffins + sausage biscuits + a special birthday card. (No treats for school because it's 8th grade and that would be embarrassing, you know.)

Dinner was a feast - homemade lasagna + bread + meatballs + Italian green beans. And his absolute favorite - cookie cake!! Just a good ol' family celebration.

We sang to the birthday boy, then he opened our gift.

He's wanted these slip-on Cardiff Cruisers skates for awhile now, so he can zoom right past me during our neighborhood walks. :) 

Between the sunset + Jake's new skates + our family time outside, the night turned out to be pretty darn awesome.

Whether it's the good days or the really hard ones, we are grateful that Jake is with us. Our family wouldn't be the same without him.

Here's the top 13 things we love about our new teenager:

1. Jake has a big heart and is super loving. Always hugging and showing affection to those he loves.

2. Jake is very responsible and acts much older than his age.

3. Jake is a great big brother, helping his siblings whenever it's needed.

4. Jake is strong-willed and stubborn, so he will do whatever he sets his mind to.

5. Jake is funny, always telling jokes and making me laugh.

6. Jake is an eater and is appreciative of anything I make + put in front of him. He's never been a picky eater, and I just love that!

7. Jake's love language is physical touch and words of affirmation.

8. Jake doesn't like to watch TV.

9. Jake likes spending time with family and friends the most. He doesn't like to sit and play video games all day. What a blessing!

10. Jake loves staying active + going places + doing things outdoors.

11. Jake has a servant's heart + is a true gentleman. Always helping friends, holding doors open, thinking of others first.

12. Jake loves God and had a blast doing missions work during the week-long church camp this summer.

13. Jake has a soft heart, willing to let God mold + shape him and help him become the man God wants him to be.

Love you, Jake. Hope you always know how much you're loved.

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