Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Connor's Swim Lessons

Connor took Pre-K swim lessons from 6-7pm in the evenings a couple weeks ago. This was Connor's first experience in the water without us, so I was a nervous wreck thinking he'd just run and jump in without a parent right there with him. But, the funny thing is that the opposite happened - he freaked out the first day of swim lessons, crying and yelling and not wanting to do anything the lifeguards asked of him. Ms. Sue and the lifeguards worked with him every day for 5 days, bless them. And by the last day of swim lessons...everything just clicked and this happened:

Complete with this silly crew watching from the sidelines:

Seriously, so proud of our big boy! We knew he loved the water, but they had to break through Connor's strong will and stubbornness of wanting to do things his way, and he's become so much better because of it.

We love our swim lessons - all ready for Level 1 next year!

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