Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Brooklyn's Swim Lessons

Brooklyn's swim lessons followed right after Connor's swim class, so hers were from 7-8pm. Jake completed all of his levels last summer, so we opted for back-to-back lessons this time with the other kids. This year, Brooklyn was in Level 3 - which is a really hard level to pass. (It took Jake three times before he was able to pass Level 3 several years ago, and Ms. Sue even warned us it would take more than one year for Brooklyn to pass since it requires so much arm strength.)

Even so, Brooklyn plowed through with a determined spirit, perseverance and a whole lot of bravery. She dreaded the final observation day where parents came to watch because she knew she wouldn't make it, but the lifeguards were right by her side and she had a three-person support team encouraging her and cheering her on the whole way through. (Jake was away with a friend for the weekend.)

Her shy, soft spirit is something she inherited from me, and sometimes that can be a burden. But, I'm so proud to see my girl pushing herself outside her comfort zone and trying new things - even if it's scary. She's becoming the person God wants her to be and blossoming all the more...

Her cheering squad on the sidelines:

Checking out the farm animals in-between:

 Beyond proud of our brave girl!! Always learning, she's ready to tackle Level 3 again next year. 

Our crazy kiddos did so awesome that a DQ family ice cream party was definitely in order. Best way to celebrate swim lessons and to end the day!

Until next year...

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