Thursday, April 2, 2015

Spring Break // 2015

Spring break really crept up on us this year. It's like we went from snow to sunny days in no time! (No complaints here.)

Jake flew out to his dad's for the week, but he managed to fit in a fun sleepover with Josh before he left. They stayed up late munching on pizza and ice cream, watching movies and playing video games...then, they got up to play a few games of laser tag on Saturday before we left for the airport.

A couple little ones were sad to see big brother go...

I surprised Brooklyn with a girls day on Sunday after church. She put on her favorite Elsa dress and brought a few of her "friends."


We picked up her friend Madison to see the Cinderella movie and have a girls sleepover. My favorite motto - "Have courage and be kind." (Along with "Love God, love people.") So, so good.

Just a couple of crazies over spring break. :)

We spent one day at the Adventure Science Center.

Our first laser show "Dream to Fly" in the planetarium - according to Connor, it was the best movie ever!

A trip to the library isn't complete without taking a walk in the park, throwing rocks in the pond and checking out the ducks.

Brooklyn had a sleepover with cousins at their house and playtime at Dave + Buster's. We met up with them and spent the day at Opry Mills.

The talking tree at the Rainforest Café - a little scary, but it's always a favorite.

We checked out the bunnies and played with all the fun toys at Phillips Toy Mart.

Took the kids to another mall to play and eat ice cream for dinner...

And I caught this on the way home:

These moments may be fleeting, but I savor the times when my kids get along and love each other well.

The next couple of days will be spent recovering from my respiratory/eye infection, working on some spackling + sanding around the house, prepping the walls for paint and preparing our hearts for this big, important celebration coming up - Resurrection Sunday!

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