Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Soccer Season

Jacob joined the soccer team at school again this year - his 3rd year playing goalie on the team. Soccer practice started in February, the team played their first game in March. With 2-3 practices a week + 2-3 games a week - soccer season is well underway!

We're doing a lot of this:

Sometimes we're doing homework or watching movies in the car. Sometimes I'm chasing Connor around on the soccer field or cleaning mud off our shoes. Sometimes there's a couple little people using the little potty in the van. Sometimes I have a van-full of tween boys driving to the away games. Sometimes I feel like my van is actually a snack truck. Sometimes we "make-do" after school and just hang out at home. (One game got cancelled two days in a row this week from rain, so I served enough cookies, chicken nuggets and lemonade for an army. Really.)

One thing I know: Soccer season is crazy and busy. Full of last-minute changes in weather and scheduling. And a lot of running around. But, this kid loves it. Seeing his big smile and his determined spirit come to life on the field - it's worth all the time in the world. He's having a blast...muddy knees and all!

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