Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Brooklyn's Presidential Publishing Party

I forgot to blog about this, but the morning before we left for our weekend getaway at Opryland - Brooklyn and her class had their Presidential Publishing Party. They all chose one US president, printed pictures and gathered lots of research about their president at home. They put everything together and made their first report - and presented everything to the parents and class.

Brooklyn chose John Quincy Adams for her report + presentation. She was so nervous, but she did much better than I would have done at that age. I was impressed!

Her presentation:

This was Brooklyn's and the other students' first presentation ever. I love how she points her finger at the poster with the look of "Uh, I have no idea what I'm supposed to be doing here..." So cute.

John Quincy Adams was so fun to study and do a report on! The president's stories and fun facts on Brooklyn's poster were quite humorous:

He owned a pet alligator which he kept in the East Room of the White House.
He installed the first billiards table in the White House.
He was the first president to have his photograph taken.
He was known for his fruit trees and orchards.
He took early morning swims NAKED every day in the Potomac River. (One journalist lady tried to interview him and, after being declined several times, she stole his clothes when he was swimming naked and refused to return them until she was given an interview.)

At the end of her presentation, Mrs. R asks, "So, he went skinny-dipping every morning?" and Brooklyn says, "Uh, I don't know." Love it! She had no clue what skinny-dipping really meant, but we all thought it was funny, regardless. :)

Love this sweet girl and all the hard work she did for this project!

And those sweet friends of hers too. They all did a great job!

My all-time favorite comment of the day - one girl said WWII was World War Eleven. I just couldn't stop smiling...

Little kids are the best.

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