Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Weekend Getaway

Last weekend was a fun little break from our normal routine. It was Scot's company's annual employee-of-the-year event at the Opryland Hotel, and like always, it was a big success. A lot of work goes into the entire weekend, but everyone had a great time!

This year, Scot went to the hotel on Thursday morning to help greet guests and set up, and I came to the hotel on Friday afternoon to attend the banquet dinner that night. Grammy stayed home with Connor and picked up the big kids from school before taking them all to her house, so we had one kid-free night away - for some reason, I thought this was the first, but it was the third night I've been away from Connor since he's been born, and I still felt naked. :)

The corporate HR team at Community Health Systems:

The cocktail party is always fun for us to meet and talk with employees at different hospitals all over the country. Scot was forced to carry my drink around while I chatted and took pics (plus, he was still recovering from his "man" surgery), so I couldn't help but laugh.

Selfies before dinner:

The banquet dinner was delicious and the awards were passed out after that...

And then, we came back to this great view from our room:

We woke up and had a delicious, leisurely, quiet breakfast in the Cascades.

I left to pick up the kids at Grammy and Papa's, and then we all came back to spend the afternoon at the hotel.

The kids probably liked jumping on the hotel beds the most. Love these wild ones:

We walked and explored the hotel.

The family boat ride was the kids' favorite.

What a ham! (Notice Kipper the dog came too.)

Had to give bribes to get this one:

After the boat ride, everyone got some frozen yogurt with candy - Connor and I got milkshakes. :)

Enjoying another beautiful view of the fountains.

The boys couldn't resist a little hide-and-seek...

A couple new toys were bought at the toy store.

The big kids went with Scot on an excursion to the Wildhorse Saloon in downtown Nashville and then back to the hotel for pizza and a movie in bed.

And I came home to spend a night with this cute guy:

A great weekend getaway that we all enjoyed and were so grateful to be part of!

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  1. Awesome! I'm glad you and Scot had some time to enjoy a little break from your good ol' routine. You were definitely dressed to the nines at that party. I can just imagine how many heads turned for you. Hahaha! Anyway, the view from your hotel room is absolutely gorgeous. I hope your family can enjoy more getaways like that. Thanks for sharing that, Chauncey! All the best!

    Marci Deegan @ Twin Pine Casino & Hotel™


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