Sunday, March 1, 2015

Another Fender Bender

Scot had a little procedure done early Friday morning. The kind that is quick, sore and super permanent...hint, hint. He was a big trooper and everything went smoothly. We came home to relieve Grammy from babysitting Connor and to let Scot rest. I took Connor out with me to run errands. Picked up Brooklyn from school at 2:30, got Jake's books + dropped off his water bottle for soccer. Ran to Walgreens to pick up Scot's pain meds.
On the way out, we sat in the long line to wait on the red light. I was maybe the 8th or 10th car in line and the next thing I know, we get jolted from behind. We had been hit. Again. This is literally the 3rd time I have been hit from behind while sitting at a red light, and it just infuriated me! Brooklyn and Connor have been in the van with me all three times, and they've all been in the past year.
This time it happened on a two-lane busy street in front of Walgreens. I got out of my car and approached the guy's car behind me, but he didn't move. He finally rolled down his tinted window a couple of inches with smoke billowing in the air and said, "You're good, lady, I didn't hit you." I asked for his information anyway, but he rolled up his window and ignored me. I then called the police, asking them to come as soon as possible, hoping the guy wouldn't drive off. (I jotted down his license plate number + car model, just in case.)
Meanwhile, I also called Scot to let him know what happened (again) and that his pain meds would be delayed. And this is where it got crazy. I look up and see Scot driving his car past me to park at the Walgreens parking lot and literally hobble his way out into the street to check on us and make sure we were okay. I couldn't help but laugh and tell him he's crazy for driving after surgery, but he was really worried.
We sit and wait what seemed like forever, but an officer finally came and got all of our information and issued a ticket to the guy behind me. Thankfully, there is minimal damage (just a few scratches on the back bumper) and the kids and I are okay, thank the Lord. I'll go to the police station to pick up the police report this week, contact insurance and eventually get an inspection done on the van just in case.
All this to say - to you and myself:
1. I am super frustrated with distracted drivers these days. Please pay more attention when approaching stopped traffic. Looking down or changing the radio station is just as bad as texting + driving.
2. Please don't let you or your kids unbuckle their seat belts to pick up something while sitting at a red light. An accident can happen at anytime.
3. Don't take life for granted. Just one errand, just one stop could literally change your life forever.

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