Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Allergy Update

I can't believe it, but our journey with the kids' allergies started back in 2013 - exactly two years ago. A simple walk around the neighborhood resulted in a severe allergic reaction from both Jake and Brooklyn at the same time. Their eyes got red, itchy and puffy and immediately started swelling shut...not a good sign.

The kids had skin-prick tests done at the allergist that week, where we found out they both have severe outdoor allergies - especially during the spring and fall. The first year was full of trying out different allergy meds + allergy shots (one in each arm) every Monday and Wednesday those first 9 months or so. After that, it went down to once a week for the last year. And now, I'm happy to say they're finally transitioning to getting shots every other week very soon!

They're still taking allergy meds every day on top of that, but with seeing little blossoms and blades of grass starting to sprout everywhere this spring - I'm so thankful to have their allergies under control and not having to worry whenever they go play outside.

So, today (and every day this spring) I'm thanking the Lord for allergists and all that they do.

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