Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Snow Days

We got hit with a nasty ice storm here on Sunday night, so the whole town has been shut down the past two days - and there may be more snow to come. It's been sleeting like crazy with temps below freezing. The mayor declared a state of emergency for TN early Monday since thousands of people were home without power and the roads were covered in sheets of solid ice. Schools and a lot of businesses have been closed - Scot's company even cancelled work yesterday, today and tomorrow - so, we're all enjoying lots of things close to home.

Things like:

Board games.

Indoor picnics.

Sledding in our neighborhood. Seriously, the most fun ever!

Video games.

Messing around.

Warm baths. Cookies. Plenty of good food to keep warm.

The only bad part? Jake isn't here to experience it with us. His flight was supposed to come in on Monday night, but it got cancelled and then re-cancelled again today. So, we're hoping he'll make it in on Thursday if the roads are clear by then. We sure miss that kid. He would have loved all this ice to play on - but, we're thankful he's safe and sound.

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