Tuesday, February 3, 2015

House Update

Slowly but surely, we're making some progress around here. Back in November, we had our foundation repaired and now that the holiday craziness is over (and the long coma has passed), we're trying to get some things done around the house to get it ready to sell.
One of the biggest areas that needed work was our landscaping. Scot and his dad ripped out all the hugely overgrown (and mostly dead) bushes and our house is looking better already! We have a few more small bushes to plant to keep it all symmetrical and mulch to lay, but it's amazing what a little clean-up outside can do for your home.

The interior cracks have been way more frustrating to deal with. Scot and his dad have worked on our family room, hallway and the kids' rooms so far, and they've spackled, sanded, spackled, sanded and repainted more times than I could count...and we're still waiting to get everything repaired properly.

The worst part about it all? The paint that we had leftover from painting the family room several years ago doesn't match now. (Can you see? We are the Griswold's in home improvements, by the way.) So...we've just decided to repaint the whole family room and adjoining hallway (possibly both bathrooms, too) a new color while we're at it. Something lighter and brighter. Something more simple. Something that will make this house more like home - and something that will help sell the house a lot quicker too!

Here are a few colors we're considering at this point:


And then there's the ceiling in our family room that needs to be repaired and painted too, mud stamps and all. (Ugh...)

Sometimes it's hard to stay motivated to get all these house updates done when we know we won't be able to enjoy them, but we're trying to keep our eyes on the prize and keep moving forward - to wherever God is leading us. While still staying strong and hopeful.

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