Sunday, January 4, 2015

Christmas Memories // 2014

Our memories of Christmas 2014:

First, we decorated the Cianci Christmas tree. (This usually becomes somewhat of a disaster, but this year we, thankfully, got it right.)


I put out a few festive decorations around the house.

We made a few goodies. (Pretzel hugs, butterscotch haystacks and snickerdoodles.)

We did our usual celebration with the Cianci side of the family a week before Christmas. We had pajama night at Grammy and Papa's, decorated gingerbread men cookies, ate yummy breakfast food and opened presents. (Too bad Scot's gout was acting up that day...major bummer.)

My boys the next morning - before Jacob left for the airport:


We got the kids' pictures taken with Santa. Before Thanksgiving, thank you very much.

On Christmas Day, we discovered that Jacob received every single item at his dad's house that we had already bought for him and had waiting under the tree. Scot and I debated about giving him the duplicate gifts (which kid would be excited about that?), so we ultimately decided to take everything back and just get him something else. My parents wanted to get him something too, so we pulled our money together and bought him a tablet.

Jacob came home 2 days after Christmas and opened gifts as soon as he got home from the airport. Brooklyn and Connor waited to open their "sibling gift" too.

Here's Jacob excitedly opening his big gift:

In his words - "Best Christmas gift EVER!" (We don't own one, so I hope he'll share!)

Dad helping him set it up:

And then he was skyping his friend Josh in no time...

Lots of great Christmas memories that wraps up our 2014!

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