Monday, December 8, 2014

Connor's 3rd Birthday

Connor's 3rd birthday was yesterday! We had a simple little family party at home - complete with brownies, Publix cookies, yogurt drinks and chocolate milk. His favorites!
Singing to the big birthday boy:

He had a little trouble blowing out the candle, so daddy had to step in and help!

Celebrating with Grammy + Papa, Uncle Kris + Aunt Jenn and cousins:

Connor's plate full of deliciousness (that he was too excited to eat):

Time for presents:

The only thing he asked for - a big fire truck!

This kid was in heaven.

And he had a lot of helpers. :)

Another favorite - a fireman dress-up costume:

Here are three things we love about our "little dude" Connor:

1. He is the sweetest and loudest kid ever. (We're working on the loud part.)

2. He loves being the center of attention, so we treasure those moments and make sure he doesn't feel forgotten.

3. His laugh. He spits, he giggles, he makes funny faces, he acts crazy, he runs around...he is definitely all-boy, but he sure brings a ton of joy to our family of five.

So grateful for your life and all the joy that you bring. We love you so much, Connor! Can't believe it's here, but happy #3!!

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