Saturday, December 27, 2014

Christmas Day // 2014

Jacob was at his dad's for Christmas this year, so our Christmases always feel a little off-kilter the years he isn't here. And with my grandma passing away a few days before, Brooklyn getting the flu for 5 days and all our random house stuff going on, I just wasn't feeling the Christmas spirit as much as I normally do...but, we pushed through anyway and had a beautiful day!

The kids woke up and checked out the goodies we left out for Santa.

They saw the gifts that were delivered. (And were eager to open.)

Our two little elves on Christmas morning:

First, we opened stockings.

Then, it was time to put those Santa scooters in action!

Gear and all...

Scot and I were laughing at all the safety gear kids have to wear nowadays, and this is the look she gave us:

We stopped and ate a big yummy breakfast of pumpkin bread, lemon cake, sausage balls, fruit and chocolate milk.

Then, it was time for presents! (We do 3 gifts + a small sibling gift + a gift from Santa for each.)

Brooklyn surprised us with a gift of her own - she painted the cutest snowman jar at school filled with Christmas lights and a red sock for the hat. Definitely something we'll use and remember every year!

Grammy and Papa came over and joined in on the fun with gifts of their own.

The rest of the day was spent munching on goodies, chicken and wild rice soup and chicken and baked potatoes for dinner. Oh, and lounging and playing with all the new toys.

And that was our wonderful low-key day!

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