Monday, December 1, 2014

Brooklyn's 7th Birthday // Part Two

The second part of Brooklyn's birthday was celebrating on her special day. We woke up and I surprised her by taking her out for a fun girls day.

First, we went to the Cinderella puppet show at the downtown library - her favorite! They had smoke, they had glitter, they had stars and sparkly dresses...she was mesmerized.

She wanted to take fun and goofy pics on the steps after the show.

So her!

Then, we were off to lunch at Steak-n-Shake - another top favorite. Our cute waitress even brought out a custom shake (which isn't typical with a coupon - ha!) and sang to her right at our table. So, so sweet.

Our big adventure for the day - getting her ears pierced at Claire's. Eek! This is something that Brooklyn had asked for weeks ago, so we finally did it!

Here we are before:

(A little nervous, can you tell?)

And after! So proud of my big girl - she did awesome!!

The little pink flowers she picked:

She had so much fun shopping for earrings and spending her birthday money from Mamaw and Papaw. A girl's paradise.

We came home to show daddy and the boys "the goods" and prepped for our little family party at 4pm. Thankfully, there wasn't much prepping involved. No decorations. No fluff. Just donuts and chocolate milk. (We decided to go light this year.)

Loved her cute Krispy Kreme donut cake!

We sang to the birthday girl - a la picnic-style! (We sold our dining table and chairs and were waiting for the new one to be delivered.)

 Time for presents:

And an old-fashioned game of Twister:

Cousin love. (Papa and Uncle Kris + Aunt Jenn were there too. Grammy was home sick.)

Showing off her new Elsa dress - complete with gloves, wand, braid and matching doll.

 Here's what I love most about this sparkly Frozen-obsessed girl:
1. She has a sweet, sensitive heart.
2. She loves her family. (Even when she fights with her brothers.)
3. She is super creative and very artistic.
4. She's inquisitive and asks a lot of questions. Always learning and wanting to grow in life.
5. She's a big helper, our little momma.
6. She says the funniest things - "We're all pimples!" (Don't ask me where that came from.)
7. She's always loving, always forgiving, always fighting to do the right thing...eventually. I love that about her.
Scot and I are so grateful for Brooklyn and thank God He's brought her into our lives. Happy birthday, sweet girl. We love you! 

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