Thursday, November 27, 2014

Thanksgiving // 2014

We had a simple, low-key Thanksgiving this year. A day full of breakfast goodies (like breakfast casserole, sausage balls, pumpkin bread, lemon cake and chocolate milk), Macy's Thanksgiving parade, a trip to the movies, board games, Christmas movies, sibling squabbles, naps on the couch...

And lots of this:

No special Thankful Tree or turkey traditions this year. With the recent deaths of our neighbor and grandpa, our fun scabies adventure, all the mess going on with our house, sickness from pneumonia, sinus infections and ear infections, the death of Scot's friend and coworker from work...our family just needed a day of rest. And thank the Lord, our family experienced some of that today.

Last year's theme at Thanksgiving was "The Lord is my portion" and this year, the theme "The Lord is my refuge" kept coming to mind. My rock. My safe place. Peace and rest.

So grateful for His faithfulness. His grace. His ever-constant presence. For we would be lost without Him.

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