Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Scabies Update

So, this was Jacob as of yesterday morning:

We did a second round of Permethrin (scabies cream) on all of us Sunday night. We were still itching in places, but it definitely helped get rid of anything that was left. Except for Jacob. He was in so much pain on Monday night that I had to call the on-call doctor to see what we should do. She said to apply eczema cream all over, but he just cried in pain from the awful burn.
The next day I took him to our pediatrician, and before we even walked in, I had to calm myself down. I was close to tears from dealing with these awful bugs for 2 weeks and all the work and exhaustion that goes with it, and I was dreading hearing the words - "You just need to keep waiting it out..." Thank goodness that wasn't the case. Our doctor took one look at Jacob and said he needed a steroid immediately, that this terrible rash should have gone away by now. I was so relieved just to be heard and to know my mother's instinct was right.
So, Jake's taking another two-week round of higher-dose prednisone and we're hoping and praying this does the trick! I know he's tired of itching and being miserable the last two months. It's been one long road for him.
Since we should be completely bug-free by now, I guess it's time we start unloading all those piles of bags in the garage...but, that's another story for another day. :)

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