Monday, November 3, 2014

Halloween // The Details

When Halloween rolled around this year, we were knee-deep in laundry, trash bags and nonstop cleaning from our recent scabies outbreak. I literally cringed when it was time for trick-or-treat night because that meant getting costumes out of trash bags piled up in the garage, finding all the pieces and parts we needed - and hoping and praying they were bug-free long enough to wear! Thankfully, the kids went for simple and easy looks this year, so that was a huge plus.

All in all, they were adorable and even with it being the coldest Halloween night Nashville's ever seen - the kids said it was the best Halloween ever. Their happy little faces stuffed with candy said it all...

Pics were up first!

Jake and his friend Michael strolled the neighborhood by themselves again this year. They were stoked, can you tell?

Our chilly pair:

The neighbors outdid themselves this year with all the scary stuff - these younger two weren't even fazed by it.

Surveying the loot at the end is always a must - along with some candy "testing" and trading too.

A great end to a great Halloween night. Happy Halloween!

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