Sunday, November 30, 2014

Brooklyn's 7th Birthday // Part One

Brooklyn's 7th birthday was yesterday! The first part of her birthday was a mini-party with her two friends Catherine and Elsa from school. We met at the nail salon a week before her birthday, and the girls got their nails painted.

Birthday girl was up first!

Love the sparkly flower.

These three were hilarious to watch in action. I have no idea how their teacher keeps them on task to do anything!

Catherine's older sister joined us too, so we had quite the crew. :)

I love all their different personalities shown here.

After the girls' manicures, we headed to Sweet Cece's for ice cream and to celebrate Brooklyn's birthday.

They were chatting away and loving it, of course.

They were surprised to open goody bags - full of Hello Kitty lip gloss rings, nail polish and a Push Pop.

(Hey, it's the little things...)

Gift time:

This was the first year Brooklyn could read her cards by herself. So cute to watch.

What a great bunch of little girls - and such a fun no-stress little party! I'm so grateful for Brooklyn and her close friendships at school.

All of us moms agreed, it really was the perfect way to celebrate.

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