Thursday, October 9, 2014

Pops' Homecoming

We left for Ohio on Thursday last week. The weekend was full of burials and services, family get-togethers and memories in celebrating our dear Pops' life and homecoming in heaven. It was a sweet, sweet time and I'll never forget it.

When my mom and step-dad got married almost 30 years ago, my sister Tiff was 11 and I was 7. (Lindsay was born a year later.) Mums and Pops had 4 grandkids at the time - all boys - and they welcomed us girls into the family with open arms. They played games and watched movies with us, cooked so many great meals for us, took us grandkids on various trips and vacations - always stopping at a state park nearby, hosted countless family celebrations at their house every holiday...

Pops was always smiling, always encouraging us. Giving the best bear hugs and telling us how proud he was of us in whatever we were doing. He was a quiet servant who loved Jesus and Ohio State football. He was a great man and will truly be missed.

Here's some memorable moments from the weekend:

The burial service.

Meeting 8-week-old cousin Rosie for the first time.

Crashing h-a-r-d each night.

All the Shindle second cousins - minus Rosie, Liam, Michaela and Tessa.

Spending time with Grandma Eller in her new place.

The memorial service.

Sweet moments with Mums.

Sweet moments before Chris, Lindsay + Rosie left.

And our last night there - Brooklyn lost her front tooth in her sleep! Thankfully, we found it safe and sound next to her in the bed, not in her mouth. :)

A great celebration. A great life to be honored. A great responsibility to keep sweet Mums in our prayers. 

(64 years is a long time to be married and then have your world turned upside-down, while suffering from Alzheimer's, too.)

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