Monday, October 13, 2014


The best word to describe me right now.

Today was full of frazzled moments.

Texting our realtor friend for advice on our foundation repair.
Scheduling another home inspection.
Calling my mom and friend to ask for prayer.
Calling our homeowner's insurance company, attempting to "talk" to the automated lady with Connor crying in the background (never fails), getting transferred to three different departments before finally getting disconnected and then starting the process all over again.
Checking rates and availability with apartments "for rent" around town.
Taking the kids to the allergist for allergy shots after school and getting a steroid prescription for Jake's skin rash - finally! (While talking to the doctor, Connor refused to listen, proceeded to remove his rain boots and walk barefoot around the exam room. I mentally went to another place.)
Getting that call from our insurance agent and hearing him confirm there's no coverage for foundation repairs after all.
Waiting an hour for Jake's prescription to be ready for pick-up at Walgreens.
Driving around to pick up brochures for apartments.
Getting home and realizing I left my debit card in the Walgreens canister tube. Sigh.
Getting kids bathed and started browning meat for taco night...realizing we had no taco seasoning in the pantry. Sigh.

And then that crazy day last week -

Brooklyn was home for fall break and Jake was away at his dad's. I let Connor and Brooklyn have pajama day and watch movies one day at home. I was watching little A that day too and had to get a few things at Target. I wasn't feeling well and noticed I was a day late, so I added a preggo test to my cart just to make sure. In the checkout line, Connor started having a meltdown and little A got fussy as it was getting close to feeding time again. When the check-out lady mentioned how cute the baby was, Brooklyn piped up - "Oh, she's not our baby. She's someone else's baby. We're just watching her right now."

The kids have messy, dirty faces from eating snacks in the cart.
Trash is everywhere.
Kids still in pajamas.
Connor's barefoot in the cart (he currently has some type of aversion to shoes) and starts yelling, "I get outta the cart NOW, Mommy!"
Target employees think I've stolen a baby.
And I'm buying a home pregnancy test. Ha!

Finest mom moment yet. Sadly or happily (depending on which day it is), that's my life right now.

Thank heavens we're in the clear. ;)

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