Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Cianci Outbreak // 2014

Last Friday was the day of doom. The day we found out our family was infested with scabies.

SCABIES, y'all.

It all started with Jake's rash back in September. We discovered it 3 weeks after it started (pre-teen boys like to hide these kinds of things), so we took him to the doctor only to be told it was just a bad case of eczema. So, we treated him for eczema.

A week or two later, his rash was getting worse so we took him to the allergist for a second opinion. The allergist said his body had some sort of inflammation from a virus, gave us a prescription for prednisone and sent us off on our merry little way.

We visited with my family in Ohio and attended my grandfather's funeral. Scot went back to work, the kids went back to school, I continued my babysitting job caring for little A during the week. (I could just die thinking about that now.) Then, we noticed Brooklyn started itching in random places - quickly turning into a rash all over her body - which then transferred to Connor and me...and eventually Scot as well.

Never in my life did I think we'd be here - dealing with crazy invisible mites! But, here we are. Barely surviving some days (or hours), but we're surviving. Combined with our upcoming house repairs and considerations of future housing options (here, here and here), this is one of those super busy, super hard, super exhausting and overwhelming times in life our family will never forget. This is the first day since Friday that we've come up for a little air and feel almost human again, so we're slowly making progress.

Here are some memorable moments from the Cianci Outbreak of 2014:

Plastic gloves, plastic mattress covers, plastic pillow covers...heck, anything plastic is our friend right now.

Friday night - the first night after we were diagnosed.

We bathed the kids and lathered Permethrin cream over every square inch of them, head to toe. All three screamed from the lotion burn. After we applied cream, we put socks on their hands so they wouldn't spread it. Connor didn't like that at all - no thumb-sucking or holding/rocking/kissing from mama...it was a nightmare. He screamed and screamed until he finally fell asleep standing up, poor thing.

Plastic pillows, plastic layer underneath...

Our new storage area:

After the kids went to bed, Scot and I stayed up through the night vacuuming our couch and duct-taping the whole thing in plastic, cushions included.

Shut-eye, finally...for a bit.

Our "command center" in the kitchen:

All clothing, bedding, towels - everything - gets washed in hot water and laid here (or bagged) for the whole week. (We're washing clothes, bedding and towels daily, changing 2-3 times a day, and running about 15-20 loads of laundry here, folks. It's nuts!)

The last few days:

Steam-cleaned carpets, vacuuming once or twice every day...

Vacuuming cars out...

Living the high life on plastic! :)

And that's been our week in a nutshell! Hopefully, we've gotten rid of these pesky things and we'll be back in business next week. (Crossing our plastic fingers.)

We just want this nightmare to end.

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