Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Labor Day Fun

Our Labor Day weekend consisted of this:

A surprise birthday getaway to Atlanta, just Scot and Jake. They went swimming, played bocce ball in the evening, ate dinner at their favorite Brio restaurant, went to the World of Coke museum...and the best part - got tickets for the Alabama vs. WV game at the Georgia Dome. They had a blast!


I got in a car accident on Friday. A big truck with a 20-foot camper attached turned left in front of me, hit my front bumper and drove off. (Can you believe that??) I turned the car around and hunted him down at a gas station a few blocks away. He got the surprise of his life...and I got all the info I needed to get a rental car and get my van fixed. Worked out well. :)


A sleepover at our house with Brooklyn's friend Chloe, along with a treat and some playtime at McD's.

And this:

Out of the blue, Connor said, "I go poo-poo on potty, Mommy!" And, he actually did. Music to a toddler mom's ears.

Not to mention, a visit to the police station, phone calls with insurance agents, and our last family trip of the summer to Nashville Shores. A little not-so-much-fun mixed in with some good time with friends and family - together and apart.

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